What’s your label ?

I am currently reading a book by Dr Wayne W. Dyer called Your Erroneous Zones and I have come across a chapter which I found quite revealing and which is certainly triggering a positive change in me. Therefore, I decided to share it with you. It is about self labelling; how labels limit us and how we can break free from them.

“That’s me”, “That’s my nature”, “I’ve always been this way”, “I am lazy”, “I am Shy”, “I am clumsy”, “I am forgetfull”, “I am poor at math”, “I am unattractive” and so on

Does this sound familiar?
I am sure it does.

We do label ourselves quite a lot and yes we do live up to those labels most of the time. And it turns out that they are simply justifications and way of avoidance! They protect us from making an effort, but really they stop us from enjoying our lives more.

So why not let go of what’s not serving us? We are not finished ‘products’! We do change. Can you say that you are exactly the same person as you were 10 years ago? I bet, you can’t. I strongly believe that we can choose each and every day to be the person who we would like to be the most.
Is there anyone that you admire, for some of his/hers personality traits? You too can have them.

I am checking out some of the negative self defining labels that I apply to myself and I am throwing them in to a bin, who’s in?

Decide to make some changes / choose how you want to be / let go of the old labels / instead of “that’s me” say “That was me” and BeMore