My Mental Emergency Kit


Things are not always as we wish them to be. Sometimes life takes over and we find ourselves in a place that we wish we weren’t. We then feel totally stressed, sad, angry, hurt, under tremendous pressure to name a few. We all know that when we feel like crap, we act like crap, and if we act like crap for too long, our life sucks. However, we all want to have a good life. The good news is, that we CAN influence how we feel. We can do things that will help us to get out of an emotional rut. Here is my own list of little steps to help me gain back my emotional balance.


  1. Smell


Sniff your favourite smell. I use an oil called ‘stress away’. Apparently sniffing lemon makes you feel better.


  1. Smile


Smile even through tears. Smiling stimulates your brain to produce endorphins – happy hormones.


  1. Gratitude


Think of 3 things that you are grateful for. The research shows that practicing gratitude can increase happiness by 25%.


  1. Panta rhei


Remember that everything changes, and nothing ever stays the same, this includes your life worries. Life is like a river, it flows and it changes. Whatever bothers you today, will one day be only a distant memory. The sun always comes out after the storm…


  1. Be mindful


Watch your mind. Notice negative thinking as it will make you feel worse. Allow only positive thoughts instead. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just start focusing on the world around you; how it smells, what can you see right now, what can you hear, your body posture.


  1. Fun


Watch something really funny. Remember, you are your own boss and you are just trying to make you feel better. It is your job, no one elses.


  1. Shower


Take a shower. This sensory little experience can help to get back from your possibly racing mind to where your body is – here and now.


  1. Phone

phone for help

Contact somebody that you like talking to, possibly someone that you trust someone who cares for you.


  1. Walk


Go for a walk. Even small exercise will help you feel a bit better.


  1. Dance

dance for freedom

  1. Light


Expose yourself to some day light.


  1. Trust


Trust that everything is exactly as it should be .


  1. Breath


Take 5 mindful breathes. You can try count to 3 while inhaling and count to 5 to inhale.


  1. Do what you love


Start doing something that you really like; Preferably something that makes you ‘forget about the world’. Or do a job that simply needs to be done.



  1. Read

read to feel better

If you like reading, you might spent some time reading. It will help to put your mind at rest and reduce experienced anxiety.


  1. Cry


Have a cry and never apologise for that.


  1. Treat yourself


  1. People


Surround yourself with positive people.


  1. Give


Do something nice for someone else.


  1. Accept


Accept how you feel. It is what it is. Difficult emotions are too part of being human. Remember: “This too shall pass”.




These are only simple, little ideas. Any single one of them will probably not make a significant change in how you are feeling. However, small changes add up to big results. So small steps is the way to go. Take your life into your hands, and start taking actions that will serve you. Which three of them would you consider doing yourself?


If you have any questions, comments or want to share your own ways that help you feel better, please feel free to do so. Let’s see how many of them we can get. Your idea might help somebody.


All the best.


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