Photography in Coaching & Personal Development


I didn't realize I loved photography until later in life. I used to take pictures with an old film camera without knowing anything about settings like aperture or shutter speed. I just kept taking photos, and I always felt fully engaged and in the moment.

Photography came back into my life when my son was born, and I decided to improve my skills. More recently, I have reconnected with this passion  once more, this time in the context of coaching. It became clear that incorporating it into coaching sessions was a creative, enjoyable, and inspiring experience for clients, accompanying them to gain deeper insights.

I truly cherish how photography provides a way to connect with our inner selves and with others on a deeper level—a connection that feels more important today than ever before.



Photographs are like mirrors that reflect our lives

Dorota Raniszewska




During this type of sessions, the photos are not judged from the artistic point of view. In fact, they are not judged at all! Photographs are a very powerful and an effective way to invite memories, reflections and emotions. These carry a very important information about you, your needs and values. Photographs also invite metaphor into the session which proves to be a powerful tool used in coaching and other helping professions.

Photographs serve as a conversation starter, door to the internal world and a way to deepen the insight. They are simply a shortcut to the answers you are looking for.


collage water


  • Selecting photographs (personal or other)
  • Grouping photographs
  • Reflecting, describing, associating
  • Giving titles to photographs
  • Taking photographs during or between sessions


I advocate for the use of photography in promoting well-being because I firmly believe that the more avenues we explore to enhance our sense of well-being, the better equipped we are to face life's challenges. Our world is undoubtedly filled with obstacles, which is why embracing diverse ideas to nurture well-being is crucial. The more options available, the greater the chance that individuals will find something that resonates with them and positively impacts their lives.

Photography encourages us to venture outdoors, urging us to observe and experience the world around us at a deeper level. It can be both a hobby and a source of immense joy and fulfillment, allowing us to enter a state of flow and presence. Beyond its personal benefits, photography serves as a powerful conversation starter, facilitating connections with others. Photographs have the remarkable ability to evoke memories and instill a sense of vitality. Moreover, photography acts as an extraordinary tool for self-expression and so much more.

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Yes! It is possible. You can be in the safety of your own space and experience the power of photo coaching, which many already have.

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