Month: October 2016

I am currently reading a book by Dr Wayne W. Dyer called Your Erroneous Zones and I have come across a chapter which I found quite revealing and which is certainly triggering a positive change in me. Therefore, I decided to share it with you. It is about self labelling; how labels limit us and how we can break free from them.

“That’s me”, “That’s my nature”, “I’ve always been this way”, “I am lazy”, “I am Shy”, “I am clumsy”, “I am forgetfull”, “I am poor at math”, “I am unattractive” and so on

Does this sound familiar?
I am sure it does.

We do label ourselves quite a lot and yes we do live up to those labels most of the time. And it turns out that they are simply justifications and way of avoidance! They protect us from making an effort, but really they stop us from enjoying our lives more.

So why not let go of what’s not serving us? We are not finished ‘products’! We do change. Can you say that you are exactly the same person as you were 10 years ago? I bet, you can’t. I strongly believe that we can choose each and every day to be the person who we would like to be the most.
Is there anyone that you admire, for some of his/hers personality traits? You too can have them.

I am checking out some of the negative self defining labels that I apply to myself and I am throwing them in to a bin, who’s in?

Decide to make some changes / choose how you want to be / let go of the old labels / instead of “that’s me” say “That was me” and BeMore


Hi, for those that do not know me, I am Joanna Kurylonska. I am a life coach based in Limerick. My purpose as a coach is to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and to help them to live the life they desire.
The aim of BeMore FB page is to turn the readers attention to their own life and to reflect on it. The stuff that I am sharing here, are simple tips about how to make things work better. Tips that I think are worth trying out.
Becoming a life coach has been a fantastic life changing adventure for me. While becoming MORE ME, I can now enjoy life even more. I feel so grateful and privileged to be able to fall asleep and wake up with peace in my hart and in my mind. I also feel more satisfaction while fulfilling my roles as a mum, wife, daughter, cousin, friend… and I certainly enjoy having more of more satisfying relationships with people. I trust that life is a journey and that everybody can have a really good one.
For those that are unhappy at the moment, experience high levels of stress and worry. I would encourage you to do something about it. The first step is always to DECIDE TO MAKE A CHANGE. Specially if there is something that is bothering you and may have been there a long time. If you feel you can’t do it on your own. Talk to a friend. Look for help that appeals to you, there are loads of things out there. Loads of different approaches. I was drown to coaching and it helped me to IMPROVE my LIFE, but there are loads of other kind of helping professions out there. If you need a change, only YOU CAN DO something about it.
Dare to take the first step towards change.
All the best

Do you ever feel bad about yourself when you haven’t performed good enough or made a mistake?
Do you feel then, that you are not a good person and that you are just the worse at it all?
…maybe it simply wasn’t for you…
Sometimes when we do our very best, it might not be enough, but we still are certainly a good person. At the same time, no matter how good we are at something, there is always a room for an improvement. So next time when you didn’t do well enough, just let it go. Don’t let it ruin the rest of your day, there is no point. Admit and accept you didn’t do well enough. Give yourself a right for not being the best, accept it and see how you can do better next time.
….maybe you were good enough but you don’t even know it…