"Coaching is a professional relationship designed to assist a client to identify and work towards achieving their personal and business goals and aspirations."

Adrian Mitchell


Coaching can be and certainly has been a life changing experience for many individuals. The main benefit of coaching would be that people feel empowered to take control of their lives.


Coaching helps to gain awareness, make choices and take actions. Since only, when You have a proper clarity about what it is exactly You want to achieve, what's blocking You and how You can overcome these blocks, You can successfully go about making life decisions towards getting the life You need and desire.
My purpose as a Lifecoach is to help You to find Your own way to start living the life You desire or/and to achieve your goals. People don't need more advice, all advice it's already out there. Instead, people need to stop, listen to themselves and to hear their own answers. Everybody is capable of change, You too.


As a life coach I inspire, teach and help people to Be More. Being more for me is when you are happy with yourself, when you have peace of mind and peace in your heart, when you look at your life and say, yeah it feels good, it feels really good.

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My Clients

People come for coaching driven by various reasons on both personal and professional level. You can work with a coach on topics related to all life dimensions at any stage of Your life.

It is never too late to enjoy life more, to Be More.

Coaching can benefit you if :

  • You feel you are 'in a rut' and need some guidance to help you to get out of it;
  • You know exactly what you want, but you need some help with things that get in your way like: lack of self confidence, stress, worry, low self esteem, poor time management etc.
  • You are not in the best place at the moment but you are ready to do something about it;
  • You are happy and successful. However, for some reason You feel that there is an important piece missing and You want to find it now.

And, what about You? What do you need? Are you ready to do something about it?

Are you ready to live the life you desire?


You are more than welcome to contact me and talk about it.

My do's and don'ts during the session


  • I listen actively
  • I keep sessions confidential
  • I adhere to the coaching ethical guidelines and professional standards
  • I trust You
  • I ask 'powerful questions'
  • I sometimes repeat what You just said to me
  • I sometimes stay silent to allow You to process Your thoughts
  • I am honest
  • I might sometimes interrupt
  • I do not judge
  • I do not give advice
  • I help You to see what's best for you


For more information on coaching you can go here