Photo coaching is a coaching process that includes client’s personal photos.


The photos used during the session can be taken by a client or by others and are always a client’s choice. Photo coaching still supports getting unstock, moving forward and achieving goals like regular coaching process does. However, it is enriched by conversations about photographs brought to a session.


You don't have to be a professional photographer or an artist to avail of the photo coaching. All you need is to be willing to look at the photographs and talk about the meaning they have for you.


Photo coaching also may include taking photographs both between the sessions and during the sessions.





During this type of sessions, the photos are not judged from the artistic point of view. In fact, they are not judged at all! Photographs are a very powerful and an effective way to invite memories, reflections and emotions. And these carry a very important information about you, your needs and values.


Photographs serve here rather as a conversation starter, door to the internal world and a way to deepen the insight. They are simply a shortcut to the answers you are looking for.




Photographs are like mirrors that reflect our lives

Dorota Raniszewska




Session of the Photo coaching lasts one hour.

  • During the session we will look at where you are and we will describe what it is that you want to change and achieve.
  • I will help you to uncover what is really important for you, find your blockages, discover your strengths and based on that, we will establish practical, realistic and individualised action plan.
  • We will monitor the changes and adjust the process if needs be.
  • I will support you in going through the various stages of your desired change.




The amount of sessions depends on what it is that you want to work on. Sometimes 1 single session is enough to get you back in the action mode. Sometimes more sessions are needed for you to discover what it is you need and to find ways to achieve it. I usually recommend from 3-6 sessions. You are entilted to cease the coaching process at any time.





Yes! It is possible. You can be in the safety of your own space and experience the power of photo coaching, which many already have.




Book a free photo coaching consultation and discover if it is something for you.