Running your own business can be a source of great satisfaction, fulfilment and a sense of freedom. However, various challenges are part of this journey too, especially at the start. As a result, this exciting time can also be filled with stress, anxiety and doubts.


Business coaching can help You to find the clarity, strength and motivation to keep moving forward.


There are lots of recourses available on how to run a successful business. However, there are not so many on how to become a confident, grounded and resilient business owner. In fact it is our emotional and psychological shape and our soft skills that play a crucial role in the outcome of our business pursuits.


Coaching can help you to address any difficulties in the personal side of business.


Book a free pre coaching session and discover if business coaching with me is something that could empower you on you business journey.


Business is all about connection. Connection with yourself, your life and all of it's aspects.




If you are already running a successful business but you feel that there is something missing in your life, why don't you get in touch with me and we can explore this together.


During the session, I will help you to gain more clarity around what it is that you want and need. We will look at where you are in relation to your goals and together we will make a plan towards achieving your set goals.


You don't succeed because of what you have - you succeed because of who you are.

If you are looking to maximise your chances of achieving you business aspirations feel free to get in touch with me.




Business coaching supports you to work towards taking your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

  • If you feel you have been working very hard for your business to grow but you are not moving forward as fast as you wish,
  • If you need to properly focus on your business,
  • If you need clarity of the necessary steps to create successful business,
  • If you need more clients, then the business coaching might be for you.

How does it look in practice?


  1. Each session starts with you telling me what it is you want to work on during the session (each session can have a different subject)
  2. Then we work on your vision / goal in relation to what you brought (making sure that it tights up with your values and business vision)
  3. We explore that subject, discovering your blockages and strengths
  4. As a result of deepening the subject, I help you to come up with a list of options for moving forward
  5. An action plan is created for you to work on in between the sessions
  6. I keep you accountable so the next session starts with going through how you got on with your plan

Each session allows you to stop and look at your business from a different perspective. It can be an invaluable source of clarity.



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